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Welcome to the Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. information page. We are the premier provider of concrete and masonry. Our goal is to provide the very best in your construction needs. Because our quality control standards are high, our masons are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver the best quality in the business. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a SHORT / COMPLETE list of our services.

Historic Masonry

The oldest structures on the planet are masonry constructed, and tough they can last for a very long time, the elements take their toll on everything. Many of our customers have historical masonry which they would like to have repaired but worry that the restoration will remove some of the appeal from the stonework. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. has preformed numerous restorations of historic masonry structures and our customers are always pleased with the results. We know the specialized techniques needed for restoring our ancestral architecture and know that those places are not just any old building to our customers.


Depending on the customers wishes we can restore the stonework to its original luster or clean it with special methods to keep the rustic feel but remove the dirt and grime which has collected over the years.

Stone & Brick Restoration

Many historic properties have had their masonry painted. This is unfortunate as few paints are breathable enough to properly protect masonry and not capture the moisture, which can damage the stonework over time. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. knows how to properly remove paint and if necessary replace damaged bricks with new bricks that will seamlessly match the existing work.


The key to proper tucking (mortar replacement) with historical masonry is to analyze the mortar. If the mortar is not carefully analyzed and reproduced then the restored masonry will look patchy and unappealing. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. makes the effort to restore your historic masonry uniformly and without discoloration.


Waterproofing is a great investment when it comes to historic masonry. However, historic masonry is quite variable in its composition so it is important to choose the waterproofing material which is specifically designed for the masonry in question.


Caulking, or more likely re-caulking, requires a special expertise. With caulking you want to use the best product possible but you also need to match the color of the masonry. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. experts know how to change the color of high quality caulking to suit the situation.

Foam or Epoxy Injection

Foam and epoxy injections can be very important in historic restoration. When done by a professional epoxy can fill cracks and become a stable subsurface, which is important in the restoration process.


Site Preparation:

Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. always prepares every job to ensure that the project will be carried out as efficiently as possible. Masonry projects can produce a fair amount of dust and dirt but we take all of the steps towards a clean and safe environment.


Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. are fully aware of all codes which must be met and we personally guarantee that your foundation will be the best money can buy.

New Construction:

With thousands of projects under our belts we can re-create any piece of masonry you have seen or build something you have dreamt of having. We will work with you to chisel out the details and bring your dreams to reality.


Interior or exterior, conventional brick or rubble masonry, Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. can create the perfect fireplace to warm you and your space.

Brick, Block & Stone Installation:

There are distinct appeals to different types of masonry. Brick and block laying gives the look of traditional symmetric masonry while stone installation provide the allure of natural rock formations, both of which add depth and texture to the surrounding.

Mortar-Set Masonry:

The most widely used form of masonry; mortar-set brick, blocks or stones masonry can be trickier than you might think as many mortars are created for specific types of stone or brick. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc.'s seasoned staff knows the best product to use to create a balance between durability and aesthetic.

Dry Stacked Masonry:

Dry stack masonry is one of the earliest forms of stone work. Relying on the friction between the stones for structural stability it takes the keen mind of an experienced builder to create a flawless dry stacked construction.


When starting on a masonry project it is important to figure out the best methods to use to get the job done. Here are a few practices Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. employs in the creations of our products:

  • Rebar: Rebar, ribbed metal bars, is often used to reinforce masonry. The rebar is placed inside brick or cement to increase its structural integrity.
  • Imbeds
  • Lintels: Lintels are the load bearing stones in entrance ways or archways which allow the structure to securely stand. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. can create the ideal entrance way to enhance your home or make a free standing archway to divide your property into distinct sections.
  • Expansion joints: Masonry is an extremely durable form of construction but modern science must be applied to compensate for its few shortcomings. Expansion Joints are specially designed to give a bit of flexibility to masonry projects so that they do not crack due to being too rigid.
  • Precast Architectural Elements: As there are many patterns of concrete blocks and stonework that are widely used; to save time certain companies have created precast architectural elements. These ready made elements allow for faster construction as it is not necessary to wait for the elements to harden. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. will show you all the possibilities in precast elements so you can find the pattern which meets your needs.


Concrete Restoration


Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. can seal your concrete so that it lasts even longer against the elements. Depending on the customers wishes we can apply a matte, wet-look, semi-gloss or invisible finish to tune the look of your concrete to the surrounding design.

Wet & Dry Shotcrete:

Shotcrete is a special type of concrete which is pumped through a hose. This is a helpful method for saving time but it also requires a skilled technician as the water is added to the mixture as the shotcrete exits the hose. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo inc.'s technicians are well versed in shotcrete techniques, making us very efficient, saving our customers time and money.


If you have concrete which you wish to dispose of, possibly in preparation of another project, then Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. can get the job done. We also recycle concrete so our customers know that when they use our services, they are choosing the green option.

Polymer-Modified Mortar Repairs:

Advances in modern concrete repair have created polymer-modified mortar repair materials. This special substance can be used to repair interior, exterior, vertical, horizontal and overhead concrete damage.

Parking Deck Repair:

The concrete of parking decks go through a lot of wear and tear. Supporting the weight of vehicles and dealing with pollution from exhausts can deteriorate the concrete. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. can repair or perform preventative maintenance so that you do not have to worry about the condition of your parking deck.

Structural Repairs:

For buildings constructed with concrete edifices or interiors we can inspect and repair any issues in the structure of your building quickly and efficiently. We also perform foundation checks to ensure the structural soundness of the architecture.

Balcony Repairs:

Balconies are a great addition to any residence but they should be checked regularly to ensure safety. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. inspects the stability of your balcony and repair it so that you can get back to enjoying yourself with total piece of mind.

Facade Repairs:

Facades are constantly dealing with the elements as they are what protect us from the wind, rain and sun. If you notice cracking, chipping or discoloration of the outside of your residence, then give Masonry by Wm.Rizzo, Inc. a call.

Traffic Coatings:

To make sure that your concrete lasts a long time in even the high traffic areas we can coat the surface to increase durability and look.

Cementious Coatings:

These are special coatings designed to protect from water damage, foot traffic, de-icing salts and the seasonal damage done by frost cycles. Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. has many options for coating. We work with our customers to figure out their exact needs so they get the best coating system possible.

New Concrete


Stamped or patterned concrete is textured to resemble brick, flagstone, wood, slate or tile used for patios, sidewalks, driveways and more. When our technicians work on a project we make sure to show all the possible options to our customers.


Concrete is just a medium like any other material. It can be colored, shaped and textured in hundreds of different variations. The next time you are thinking of redecorating your interior or exterior and want a material which will last and is easy to maintain then think of Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc.


Stained concrete is treated and often glossed to look closer to marble than average concrete. Staining existing concrete can be done as well but as staining involves an acid wash it is highly recommended to get the help of a professional.


As you may have realized by now concrete is very versatile and has a wide variety of applications. However, we here at Masonry by Wm. Rizzo, Inc. are asked to do many types of jobs but of course we also have certain staples which we do regularly. Here is a selection of some of our most popular work.

  • Sidewalks & Walkways: A good walkway or sidewalk can really add to a property as it directs traffic, creates a dividing line between areas and can be integrated to create landscape designs.
  • Patios: Concrete patios have many advantages. They are durable, easy to clean, fireproof (important for barbecuing) and can be made with slip resistant coatings.
  • Driveways: Not only do you want your home to look good but also the property which frames it. With the versatility of concrete you can have any design you can think of to give the perfect accent to your property.
  • Steps: From exterior stairs to interior stairwells, concrete steps are relied on for their durability, grip and that they can be easily tiled or carpeted to gain the desired effect.
  • Pool Decks & Patios: It is important to have a concrete worker who knows how moisture affects concrete. Make sure that the job is done by a professional who makes pool decks and patios moisture secure so the concrete can last.